• Wednesday 4th October dinner
  • Thursday 5th October lunch – dinner
  • Friday 6th October lunch – dinner
  • Saturday 7th October lunch seudà shelishit
  • Sunday Brunch Set Menu

Through the week of Sukkot, we eat, sleep and socialize in a Sukkah, reminding us that:

  • The Israelites lived in huts during the 40 years of wandering in the desert.
  • God is our ultimate protection – just as He protected the Israelites in the desert with the Clouds of Glory.

The Four Species

On Sukkot, we are commanded to wave the Four Species, each noted for its special beauty:

  • Etrog – the citron, a fragrant fruit with a thick, white rind. It is often picked from the tree while green, and then ripens to a bright yellow.
  • Lulav – the palm branch, which is defined in beauty by having a straight shape and leaves tightly bound.
  • Hadas – the myrtle branch, which has a beautiful plated pattern of three leaves coming out from the same point in the branch.
  • Arava – the willow branch, which should have oblong leaves with a smooth edge.

The Sukkah Hut

We building Sukkah in our private garden, decorated with season fruit, look to the canal and look to the Italian and Ashkinaz a great to share with your family and friends.

We will share our special menù with the ushpizin (Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moshe, Aaron, Joseph and David)

Venezia it’s an island and Sukkot is closely connected to “water,” as it is the day of universal judgment with regard to the blessings of rain and irrigation for the coming year.

Wishing you a joyful Sukkot!


Simchà Torà

  • Wednesday 11th October dinner
  • Thursday 12th October lunch – dinner
  • Friday 13th October lunch – dinner
  • Saturday 14th October lunch seudà shelishit
  • Sunday Brunch! Set Menu

Simchà Torà in Venice, complete the Torà with the venetian tradizion and the seven hakafoth, in the synagogue.

We will also celebrate in the restaurant with our best menù.

Enjoy your Moadim in the Ghetto of Venice.

Hag Sameagh