The Ghimel Garden organizes private dinners for Shabbat’s evenings and Jewish holidays in Venice during the winter time using the indoor lounge while in the summer the wonderful garden.

The Shabbat Chalavì or Bassarì meals on Friday night and on Saturday for lunch are made up of:

Salad and appetizer buffet, first, second, sweet and / or fruit, natural and gassed water, Kiddush wine and 1 sale every 4 people.

We also offer a catering service for Shabbat meals and delivery at the Venice Hotels or on-site pickup, all performed under rabbinic supervision.

(*Bassarì is available for groups only)


Meals can be reserved online; they can be paid in advance (before Shabbat) at the restaurant or online (PayPal). Payments have to be done before 14.30.


  • Adult Shabbat dinner: 43.00 EUR
  • Children Shabbat dinner (4-12 years old): 30.00 EUR
  • Adult Shabbat lunch AND dinner: 70.00 EUR
  • Children Shabbat lunch AND dinner (4-12 years old): 60.00 EUR
  • Children Shabbath 3 meals 70€
  • Dinner lunch seuda shelishit 70€
  • Adults Shabbath 3 meals dinner lunch and seuda shelishit 95€