The Ghimel Garden Restaurant enjoys the exclusive certification of the chief rabbi of the Jewish Community of Venice, Rav Scialom Bahbout. All products used are Kosher Lemeadrin.

What is KOSHER?

The term Kosher (in Venetian) CASÈR, is used for every food that meets the requirements of the Torah. CASERÙD ‘everything that is caste’ is used to indicate the complex of rules and arrangements concerning the confection of foods according to ritual use (permitted and prohibited foods, rules of slaughter, separation between meat elements and milk). Meat with milk and its derivatives cannot be consumed and manufactured together, since in the Torah is quoted more than once, “you will not bake the kid in his mother’s milk.” The animals allowed are those that have the hoofed hoof, that is split into two parts (such as cow, calf, sheep, goat…) and that they are ruminants.

Allowed fish are all those with fins and scales, the most common are salmon, hake, salmon, cod, sole, sea bass, sardines, sardines and sardines. Kosher certification is synonymous not only with food suitable for the consumption of Jewish religious practitioners, but also of high quality foods. The kosher certification is issued by a specialized rabbinical entity responsible for verifying and overseeing the entire production chain in order to ensure that the product complies with Jewish food regulations. Wine is a fundamental element in Jewish ritualism. For this reason, the opening of some types of wine can only be performed by a practicing Jude. However, if the pasteurization process (mevushal) applies to the wine, the bottle may also be opened by a non-Jew. Concerning the cellar work: only the kosher bacteria and enzymes can be used for fermentation, and all grape harvesting and processing equipment must be cleaned under control (kaserization process).

Kashrut certification of Ghimel Garden


Campo del Ghetto Nuovo
Cannareggio 2873/c,
30121 Venezia,Italia.

Our Contacts
+39 0412430711

Opening Hours

We are open every day from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm and from 6.30 pm to 10.00 pm.
Dinner on Friday and Shabbat Saturday lunch is open to everyone (it is necessary to book)