Jewish high holidays

Holidays begin at sundown on the evening before the date specified.

Eve Rosh HashanaSunday9/9/2018
Rosh Hashana 1°Monday10/09/2018
Rosh Hashana 2°Tuesday11/09/2018
Eve KippurTuesday18/09/2018
Eve SukkothSunday 23/09/2018
Sukkoth 1°Monday24/09/2018
Sukkoth 1°Tuesday25/09/2018
Shemini AtzeretMonday01/10/2018
Simcha ToratTuesday02/10/2018
Eve ChanukahSunday02/12/2018
Eve Chanukah 1°Monday03/12/2018
Eve Chanukah 2°Tuesday04/12/2018
Eve Chanukah 3°Wednesday05/12/2018
Eve Chanukah 4°Thursday06/12/2018
Eve Chanukah 5°Friday07/12/2018
Eve Chanukah 6°Saturday08/12/2018
Eve Chanukah 7°Sunday09/12/2018
Eve Chanukah 8°Monday10/12/2018
Tu BishvathMonday21/01/2019
Eve PesachFriday19/04/2019
1° PesachSaturday20/04/2019
2° PesachSunday21/04/2019
3° PesachMonday22/04/2019
4° PesachTuesday23/04/2019
5° PesachWednesday24/04/2019
6° PesachThursday25/04/2019
7° PesachFriday26/04/2019
8° PesachSaturday27/04/2019
Yom AzmautThursday09/05/2019
Lag BaOmerThursday23/05/2019
Yom YerushalayimSunday02/06/2019
Eve ShavuotSaturday08/06/2019
1° ShavuotSunday09/06/2019
2° ShavuotMonday10/06/2019
Tish'a B'AvSunday11/08/2019
Eve Rosh HashanaSunday29/09/2019


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