Carnival of Venice

Enjoy the best Carnival in the world

The Venice Carnival is one of the most famous and awaited all over the world. With almost 900
years of history, from the first document that testifies its existence, the Venice Carnival is certainly
among the major attractions of the city, with a unique beauty, thanks to the charm and mystery of its
masks and traditional costumes.
Arlecchino, Pantalone and Brighella or tabarro and bauta (ie the mantle and the typical black mask)
were and still are the most famous masks, always iconic, as well as the Flight of the Colombina, one
of the major attractions of the Venice Carnival, where acrobat, with ropes, descends from the
Campanile di San Marco to the Loggia del Palazzo Ducale.
The Venice Carnival is an event full of playfulness, fun and color, which attracts many sponsors,
television networks and, of course, tourists from around the world!
Three consecutive weekends between dances, jokes, masks and incredible costumes, galas and
exclusive parties … a truly unmissable event, who have never had the opportunity to live must try at
least once in their lives. From Saturday 27 January to Tuesday 13 February
All embellished by the enchanting and incomparable scenery of Venice, a city that in many parts of
the world try to reproduce but that has no rivals, in terms of history and magic and art.
Ghimel Garden and its innovative Kosher cuisine are waiting for you even in the days of the Venice
Carnival, to let you taste flavors … that will amaze you!
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