• Wednesday 20 September 2017 Seder dinner
  • Thursday 21 September 2017 – Lunch – seder dinner
  • Friday 22 September 2017 lunch – dinner
  • Saturday 23 September 2017 lunch – seuda Shalishit
  • Sunday Brunch 25€

During Rosh Haxhana you can appreciate our round sweetie halloth, symbolizing fullness and completion. After making the “Hamotzi”, it is customary to dip the bread into honey or sugar symbolizing our prayer for a sweet new year.Like we do with apple and dip it in honey. Make a blessing on the apple”May it be Your will, God, to renew us for a good and sweet new year.” On Rosh Hashanah, we eat foods that symbolize good things we hope for in the coming year. We contemplate what these foods symbolize, and connect with the Source of all good things.

Start the new year with our special menù related with Berachot.

“May it be Your will, God, that our enemies be FINISHED.”

GOURD (zucca), our famous Pumpkin soup with aromatic cinamon.

May it be Your will, God, that the decree of our sentence should be TORN apart, and may our merits be PROCLAIMED before You.”

POMEGRANATE (melograni),“May it be Your will, God, that our merits increase as the seeds of a POMEGRANATE.”

HEAD of fish (testa di pesce),“May it be Your will, God, that we be as the HEAD and not as the tail.

Use this frase for other foods “May it be Your will…”

Judaism teaches that everything happens for the good. It is all part of the Divine will. Even things that may look “bad” in our eyes, are actually “good.” So we ask that in addition to good, the year should be a “revealed” good – one that tastes “sweet” to us.

Schana Tova – Moadim Le Simcha!